What people say about Ebony Silk!

With effortless class and elegance perfectly fused with no holds barred dance routines to rival Josephine Baker, this caramel skinned blonde bombshell has an ass shake like no other!! - Betty D'Light, Burlesque Performer and World Burlesque Games Assistant Festival Co-ordinator

Ebony Silk portrays the art of burlesque in an educated and fun manner, making everyone feel at ease - James, Private Christmas Event

Ebony Silk’s hula act combined traditional hula choreography with the shimmying compositions of ‘WipeOut.’ Through the quivering of her grass skirt and the surfer girl moves, the smile sustained on Ebony’s face ensured the audience indulged in her hula fantasy - BurlesqueBeat.com

Ebony's high energy and saucy moves bring back the fun in the art of burlesque. She's certainly one to watch - Chaz Royal, Burlesque Event Producer/Promoter