Ebony's Acts

The Caribbean Princess (Signature Act)

A routine incorporating Jamaican folk tales of the Dr Bird humming bird, it's national bird. It's full of energy and fun, and aims to get the audience up on their feet and dancing! Great for summer events! Performed to Dollar Wine - Taxi, a traditional Caribbean carnival song.

Little Brown Gal

A colourful, energetic and fun routine consisting of some traditional Polynesian dance and a whole lot of shimmy shaking, it's great for summer events! Performed to Little Brown Gal – Charles Kaipo & his Happy Hawaiians/Wipeout – The Surfaris. 

Once In A Blue Moon

A fast pace balloon pop with the use of illuminated balloons, full of sparkle and lighthearted fun. Perfect for family friendly events as a Boston version is available. Great for Christmas! Performed to Blue Moon by The Marcels.

Mr. Sandman

A good old fashioned cute and fun, cheesecake routine. Performed to Mr Sandman by The Chordettes. 

Blushing Bambi


A classic showgirl striptease with a Christmas theme. Performed to Billy May's Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer